Five Exercises With Gravity Pendulum And Tools

The aim of training for six weeks was to strengthen the back muscles and lower abdomen, open the hips and strengthen the muscles of the legs and feet.

Exercise 1 – The goal: exercising the shoulder girdle, stretching the back of the thigh, abdominal strengthening. Breath in circling arms back, placing your palms on the ground with the  outstretched leg raising the same leg to gravity pendulum (exhalation). Exercise is done barefoot, so that the muscles inner (medial) arch of the foot to be as active. Kyle Leon the most professional fitness experts

Exercise 2 – The goal: strengthening the lower back and abdominal muscles . Breathe pushing the handle to the back and down, lifting exhalation leg up (emphasis on the proper position of the pelvis – posterior tilt).

Exercise 3 – The goal : To open the hips , strengthen the stabilizer hull. Execution : From upright position, controlled legs spread and keep underlined pelvis in order to open the hip joint. Due to extenuating equilibrium conditions,  stabilizing the entire body are in constant action.

Exercise 4 – objective : Increased aerobic mode. Performing : In combination with the vector and the lower set handles gravity pendulum run alternating jumps to the very edges of vector lanes. Rebounds running from the center to a specific color vector stripes, for the development of coordination. It is good to jump to the strip by coach pointed out – that activate muscles that have not arrived ‘prepare’ and the activation efficient. 100% Money Back Guarantee

Exercise 5 – The goal : Activation of abdominal muscles from the inverted position. The inverse position to raise the upper body to the highest possible position , emphasis on hands correctly (interlaced fingers at the back).

Finally, it should relax and perform breathing exercise combined gravity pendulum and big balls – it helps to relieve the pressure in the spinal discs.


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