Trauma caused by sudden contraction

An exaggerated tension or too much repetitive stress increase the risk of tendon injury from lack of oxygen (hypoxia), which complicates the recovery of this tissue after major activities.

Trauma caused by sudden contraction and / or overuse of the calf muscles as a final sprint. – Lack of flexibility of the calf muscle. Is This Program a Kyle Leon Scam?

Use of inappropriate footwear – Postural changes as ante version of the femur, tibia stick, probated foot, among others.

Changes in the biomechanics of running: how the foot hits the ground, movements of the lower limbs, last pace, running without touching the heel on the ground.

Racing uphill, racing with jumps and climbs on stairs: will it run under these conditions the tendon, which will be more elongated than a stride (stride) and this will cause it to become fatigued earlier.

Stepped Type: over probation can increase the tension on the tendon

As the foot rolls inward (flat feet), the lower leg rotates inward as well as runs the Achilles tendon, causing a longitudinal stress, along its entire length. – Sudden increase in speed or distance traveled.

Rest time insufficient – Kyle Leon the most professional fitness experts


The earlier treatment begins, the better the chances of good results.

In the case of tendons, the recovery is slower, mainly because it is slightly vascular zed; therefore, patience and diligence in the treatment are crucial for the recovery.

Query will be required for orthopedic injury assessment and foot type, so that diagnosis and appropriate treatment and individualized be traced.


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