Recommend surgical treatment

Other surgical treatment most authors recommend surgical treatment due to lower rate of re-rupture and rapid return to activity.

Those who, like me, have suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon, I suggest you watch the following VIDEO Bruno Martini, Brazilian gymnast, also a victim of the tendo. Is This Program a Kyle Leon Scam?

The New Blumenauer new face A gentle stretching of the calf muscles contribute to the realignment of collagen fibers and should be followed by application of ice in a stretched position of the tendon.

Already the final phase of treatment aims to improve wound healing and strengthen muscles.

Should apply the ice at the end of the exercises in order to decrease pain and prevent possible inflammatory reactions.

Applying massage techniques also assist in improving the adhesion and contribute to the reorganization of the tendon fibers and help in slip layer that covers it.

Calf muscle or a muscle triceps sure is static, i.e., has the function of support, maintenance of posture and position, and assist in knee flexion and plantar flexion does (fingers down, away “Cinnamon”). 100% Money Back Guarantee

For these reasons and for their own physiology, tends to shorten (even those who do not play sports!).
In addition, the shortening of the muscle stimulates probation and predisposes the hind foot to injury and changes in posture.

Therefore it is important to keep it stretched. As is common postural abnormalities predispose to injuries, techniques such as RPG (global postural reeducation), aiming to align the body and its segments, can help treat or prevent injury, and contribute to improves flexibility.


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