Pain experienced in the acute phase

For an acute injury symptoms manifest with the following characteristics: – Pain in the tendon during exercise.

Improves with rest

The pain appears gradually over the years, and may even decrease or disappear throughout the race. – Edema (swelling) on the tendon. – Redness of the skin at the site of injury. Become A Muscle Builder

The athlete may feel a creaking when you press your finger on tendon or moving your leg. 

The pain experienced in the acute phase of the disease tends to disappear after a warm up before the race, but return when the activity is stopped. Tendinitis is a difficult condition to treat, particularly in older athletes who seem to suffer more this pathology.

If left untreated, the symptoms get worse until it impossible to run. Symptoms are similar to the acute phase, only more intense and present: – diffuse pain and stiffness in the tendon, especially in the morning or after prolonged sitting position.

The pain does not give the rest. – Regions or nodules may appear swollen tendon.

Swelling, redness and increased temperature on the tendon. 100% Money Back Guarantee

Pain in the tendon when walking, especially uphill or climbing stairs Decreased muscle strength calf, which can happen during walking or running

 Limited range of motion of ankle, i.e., we turned the ankle causing the fingers toward the “cinnamon.” 
Crackling can occur during active movement’s ankle. Major causes of Achilles tendon injuries: – Overhead or excesses in training (time, distance and intensity).


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