Introduction to Kyle Leon – Hormones and cleaving protein for muscle building

Each of the hormones is affected on the cell nucleus and messenger substances contacting the cell receptors. Insulin addition accelerates the penetration of amino acids into the muscle fibers. Most amino acids enter the cells in a so-called “sodium pump” and adds it turns insulin. A more amino acid enters the cell, the known above the level of muscular hypertrophy. Introduction to Kyle Leon

There hormones and cleaving protein. The most important among them is corticosteroids produced by the adrenal glands. These include, for example, cortisol, which is produced under stress. Its level increases immediately after a hard workout or in a state of overtraining. In the latter case, the blood testosterone decreases. This is a catabolic state and a set of muscle mass when it is not possible.

The concentration of amino acids and of nutrition status – Optimal amino acid status of an organism involves the proper concentration of amino acids in blood and muscle. This is usually not a problem as most athletes consume enough protein to provide it with vengeance amino acids. get daily tips

However, in a phase of heavy training, with lingering injury or overtraining amino acid concentration may be insufficient. The next thing is the consumption of energy from food. If you do not get the right amount of calories, your body is in search of fuel begins to break down its own structural proteins.


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