Nutritional supplements have done their work

Nutritional supplements have done their work, especially towards the end. Sleep was hard, I woke up for no reason (apart from when I wake my newborn son), and he sank into sleep.

Hands trembling, I found it hard to concentrate. Still, 100% Money Back Guarantee after I took half times more than the recommended dose. Weight decreased only from 95 to 91 kg, but the composition of the body told him that I gained about a kilogram of muscle.

It was a good result! I went into a form that could not even have imagined a few years ago, thanks to the hard work, discipline, and self-sacrifice for a few months. I realized that my opinion of myself as a hard gainer, I suppressed and impeded progress over the years.

More recently, largely due to familiarity, I began to realize that he is able to accomplish much more with my physique. In short, I expect and demand more from him – and got it.

The day before the meeting with Michael Neveux I pulled out an old cassette recording of my first competition in 1989. I laughed. I not only looked quite a boy, I was on so little muscle, just do not believe that at that time I thought I was ready to perform. Ten years have changed a lot. I could now accommodate two Ronov those of 1989. Perseverance paid off.


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